Why Skateboarding is Awesome.

1. You can skate anytime, anywhere, anyway, anyhow, with whoever. No coaches, no teammates, no rules, just you and your board.
2. It’s a special connection, between you and the skateboard. People can see how you look when you skate, but it’s hard to feel the same way, as it means something different for everyone.
3. Activity that’s actually fun. Running on a treadmill? I can’t even fathom that.
4. The feeling of landing something new. The feeling of accomplishment overcomes you. And when other people, skaters or not, get stoked, that’s just awesome.
5. Every skater has his own style, his own take on skateboarding. Some are calm and flowy in their approach, while others can be more aggressive and explosive. Some like to get technical, some just like to go big or go fast. A tre flip by Dylan Rieder is entirely different from P-Rod’s.
6. Your view of the everyday mundane objects: benches, ledges, stairs, rails, inclines, curbs, etc. is transformed. No longer for just sitting on, walking down, holding onto, or stopping your car; they are for grinding, jumping down, and hauling ass down. People are going to think you’re crazy when you burst out in revelry, “If I started at this part of the hill, I could  probably huck a tre flip over that fire hydrant!!” But never mind them. They can’t even know how awesome it is.
Maybe if they tried it themselves. Or if they read this blog post.