Chase Jarvis Live with Austin Kleon

One of my favorite photographers, joined by the writer of my recent favorite book, Steal Like An Artist. The words of inspiration and action in this hour long conversation are endless, a lot that’s not in the book. A must watch if you like to learn about the process of art and creativity. And I’m really excited for Austin’s next book, Show Your Work.


Currently working on a a project involving skate magazines. This was inspired by my current physical condition, and it’s been something I’ve had in the back of my mind for awhile.



My physical condition? I broke my heel.

I was in Texas visiting family at a family reunion, and for some reason, after bombing the hill that my aunt’s house is situated on, I decided to jump on the trampoline. My brother and I got on and we started double bouncing each other, until I went a bit too high, started drifting, stuck my right leg out, and caught the trampoline frame with my heel, collapsing onto the ground. “You’ve got to be f&#king kidding me,” is the first thought I had while lying on the ground in pain.

The pain didn’t really subside within a couple days, and something seemed off about my foot, so I decided to get an x-ray. Sure enough, it showed I had a calcaneus fracture. We went to an orthopedic surgeon in Burleson, and he said I would need a CT scan to know for sure if I needed surgery. After seeing that, he said I would have a 30% better chance of full recovery if I had surgery. Not very assuring, but still something.

I had surgery in Texas, and spent 3 weeks recovering there, enjoying time with family, reading, and eating too many chocolate ice cream waffle cones.

Surgery was an L-incision on the outside of my foot, relocating of my heel (I pushed it up a bit, they had to pull it back down. :O), and screwing it back in place with 16 screws and a plate. A little liquid bone too. You can see my Instagram (@harrisongphoto) for photos.

I’m posting this right before I leave to go get my incision checked out, to see if I can get the rest of the stitches out, and get a cast put on. At a podiatrist in San Francisco, who was family to my orthopedic surgeon in Burleson.

I’ll be posting more about shooting skateboarding with a healing foot, stay tuned!