Intuition and Photography

I feel that a developed intuition is something that can really make you a better photographer.

The definition of intuition is: the ability to acquire knowledge without inference and/or the use of reason.

To develop this intuition, you have to take a lot of photos. A lot of different types of photographs. Portraits, landscapes, macro, action, documentary, long exposures, etc. This gives you a wide range of experience.

Intuition calls upon your five senses and then any experiences that are similar to the one you are in. If you’ve shot skateboarding in the midday sun, you know you can have harsh shadows on the subjects face, therefore your intuition tells you to use some flash or expose for the shadows. If you have shot macro photos of flowers, you will see it’s easier to shoot in cloudy or overcast light, as details are less contrasty. If your have shot photos of civil unrest in the Middle East, you probably will want a wide-range lens to capture everything without having to switch lenses. Throw on a bulletproof vest for good measure.

Having a strong intuition allows you to quickly size up a photographic opportunity, and make a great photograph. Without this, your photos will continuously come out unsatisfactory unless you luck out.