How To Be Curious

1. Put the phone down. Seriously. You won’t miss something. Maybe you will. Don’t worry. What you’re doing here is much more important. And once you put it down, you will realize what you are curious about.

2. Brew the coffee. Jason Dill says weak diner coffee, because the fancy shoot gets him too spun out. Whatever floats your boat and gets your mind revved.

3. Tell your best friend to shut-up, or to keep talking. You’re thinking. You’re reading. You’re doing. Something. On the verge of greatness, tapping into the ether. Or the person you’re talking to is getting you stoked, so YOU should shut up and pay attention. Whatever’s appropriate.

4. Gather Materials.  A book, a map, headphones or speakers, a guitar, a camera, a paintbrush. A skateboard.

5. Be curious.

Repeat often to be very curious.

Skateboarders in the Urban Landscape

I was having a conversation with a customer here at Nixon Berkeley, and he said he had just recently picked up his board again, for transportation purposes really. “It’s so easy, I can just pick it up and not worry about someone taking it because it’s always with me.”

He said he was skating in the city the other day, and a cop got mad at him for skating in the street, “It’s for bikers only!”

No doubt you have seen the “No Skateboarding on the sidewalk” signs all over the city.

This brings the simple fact to attention.

Skateboarding IS a crime. 

Why this is so is unclear. Skateboarding is such a positive influence for many young kids, keeping them out of trouble and doing something creative and very physical.

It’s a daily meditation for many, a pick-me-up from the world of bullshit we live in.

But they tell us we can’t do it.

What makes them right? Nothing. Destruction of property is the only demeaning action we do. All the rest of the time, we are manifestations of humanity expressing itself uniquely, by cruising flipping manuevuering through the city.

But why can’t a park bench, a park ledge, be used for something other than being a pile and smoking cigarettes? Why can’t a skateboarder interpret it the way he wants?

Why can’t a park bench be worn in by metal trucks?

Why can’t someone look at a park bench and say, “Oh look, I think skateboarders were here! I wonder what they tried?” and not “Those fucking skateboarders.”


Skateboarders should be appreciated for making full use of their environment, for making art everywhere they go.

Not looked down upon, or punished.


Ha. Like that’s ever going to change. We’ll see!





Ask Questions

Always ask questions. Never stop.

Questions are the key to growth, to discovery and progression.

How do you freeze action? How do you keep everything sharp in a photo of mountains? How do you tre flip crook a handrail? How do you sellout Madison Square Garden in 10 minutes? How do you calm a scattered mind? How do you live in the present? How do you travel the world for 5 years and not pay rent/sign a lease? How do you love someone more than yourself? How do you be happy?

What excites you, fascinates you?

But most importantly, “What would it be like to travel on a beam of light?”

Don’t just ask questions, ask great ones.

Find people that can help you answer them, and try to help them answer THEIR questions. We’re all just trying to figure this out, so be helpful.

Ask, and then chase the answers.

Have fun.