A wrap-up of three weeks in Peru

Life in Ollanta was a bit challenging to get accustomed to at first.
The food is different and you definitely have to make sure things are cooked thoroughly, all water has to be boiled or filtered before you drink it, lots of freezing cold showers, and of course Spanish. But I’m definitely accustomed by now.
The staff at Awamaki matched my preferences for a home-stay perfectly, it’s a great fit and the relationship between my homestay family and myself is fantastic.
I’ve fallen in love with a lot of the Peruvian chocolates and snacks, namely Nestlé Sublimes, Morachas, and D’ANAFRIOs, all by Nestlé. All are super cheap, around 26¢ US.
Also all the sodas are here are made with REAL sugar, not that high fructose corn syrup mess, REAL sugar. I’m sipping a REAL Coke as I’m writing this.
So down to business, the real reason I’m here is for a volunteer photography position with Awakaki. So far I have almost completely organized somewhere around a thousand or so photos on Awamaki’s hard-drive, for use on their online Picasa Web albums. I have shot product photos of textile colors, a kids computer class set up by the Education division of Awamaki, two trails for possible use in the Awamaki trails booklet, a Spanish teachers class, and numerous street scenes and landscapes.
This weekend I have a camping trip to the endangered queuña tree forest, planning to do lot of astrophotography, so you could be seeing a photo or two from it.