The movie “Contact” is the absolute worst book-to-movie conversion ever.
In, the movie the actors that are the President’s Chief of Staff, the National Security Advisor, and the President’s Scientific Aide, are strong and frustrating antagonists towards Dr. Arroway, the main character who makes first contact with extraterrestrial life. The whole time the entire religious population of the world make things harder, not surprisingly, and one fanatic suicide bombs the transportation device that was built from the original extraterrestrial message. In the end, it’s just Dr. Arroway that goes in the second transport device, and her experience finishes by the time she hits the water beneath the transport device. The former National Security Advisor resigns so he can lead a Congressional investigation against her, accusing her of lying about the experience. Everybody thinks she is crazy, and the effort to contact extraterrestrial life fails. Movie ends.
In the book, there is no problem with fundings, and the three antagonists previously mentioned are not nearly as frustrating. Dr. Arroway goes in the transportation device with four other people, of different nationalities/philosophies. When they get back, the government and public are still just as skeptical, but it doesn’t put such a damper on the excitement of contacting extraterrestrial life, because they actually tell Dr. Arroway of a message contained within the transcendental number that is Pi. The discovery made in the end of the book is full of meaning and gives so much inspiration to Dr. Arroway (and to myself and other readers no doubt). The book ends on a very hopeful note.
In relation to photography,  if we ever were to contact extraterrestrial life during my lifetime, I would without a doubt be getting myself a spot in the transport device as the photographer/videographer. Of course, without gravity, cameras with shutters would be useless, so I’d have to get a 35mm or medium-format mirror-less camera.
If you haven’t noticed, I’ve also added my portfolio of Awamaki photos, and general photos from Peru. Check them out!