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@radicult nosebonking a rock on campus. #thankyouskateboarding #skatemontana@sk8_ignatius_sk8er tre flips my least favorite obstacle in the park. 😝 #skatemontana #thankyouskateboarding @rural_skateboards@radicult picking his nose on a roof on campus while @bradleypichler looks on. #thankyouskateboarding #skatemontanaIts weird, this is one of the only photos I shot in Hawaii. I guess I was so taken aback by the beauty that I forgot to photograph it. #livinginthemoment? 😝Made a little Summer skate video. Got inspired by Lupes version of Vivaldis Four Seasons, so I decided to make a video that felt like summer time skating. Starring Downtown Missoula, @sk8_ignatius_sk8er @bradleypichler @rural_skateboards and . Link in bio! #thankyouskateboarding #skatemontana #slomo@shitttiot speeding through with this wallie front 180. @boardofmissoula skate jam was sick! #thankyouskateboarding #skatemontana@bradleypichler @shecks it up with a kickflip Indy. More to come from todays skate jam! @boardofmissoula @rural_skateboards #skatemontanaAnother angle of @sk8_ignatius_sk8er hard flip back tail. Photos from Hawaii on the way! @rural_skateboards  #thankyouskateboarding #skatemontana@derek.snodgrass transferring over at St. Ignatius. Photos of Hawaii to come! #thankyouskateboarding #skatemontana #stignatiusskatepark@sk8_ignatius_sk8er hard flipping into a backside tailslide. #missoula #thankyouskateboarding #skatemontana@grasserk going out on the lake we stayed on in Elijay, GA. Stoked to be back in Missoula, more photos from the trip to come.Turns out I got a badass cousin  who lives in San Diego. Dudes killing it, working with a non-profit to help structure the surfing in the Olympics. Taken across the street from a church of Scientology.FL, Oakland, Big Bear, LA, AZ, and now Im coming to the end of a vacation in Carlsbad. @simontheblackstallion doesnt skate much anymore, but he can still pull off cool shit like this front smith. San Diego Friday night, Philadelphia Saturday night, and then a shoot in Milton, DE next week.#goskateboardingday in Missoula was popping. @bradleypichler finishing the day with a front smith.  #thankyouskateboarding #skatemontana @rural_skateboardsOff the grid log cabins are all fun and games until you bring a TV crew to shoot a house tour. 🕯🕯@barnum1991 and @brandenmccabe somewhere in Tennessee. #assumethepositionBeen on the road, havent shot any skating lately, but heres @jesseburrr with a front bigspin boardslide back in Missoula. 🔨🔨 #thankyouskateboarding #skatemontanaSomewhere in Tennessee. Could be Oregon. Maybe it is?@jonahholder front 180 nosegrinds while @eamontana gets ready for the next try. #skatemontana #thankyouskateboardingThe day I shot @sk8_ignatius_sk8er feebling that rail on campus, we had been kicked out earlier. So when we were looking around for stuff to skate, we found these wooden half-circle structures in the trash. So @derek.snodgrass @bradleypichler @sk8_ignatius_sk8er and I took it into the shop, found some plywood and Masonite to throw on it, and we took it outside for a skate. We kept the frame after the carnage, to be used for future endeavors. #thankyouskateboarding #skatemontana #DIY @rural_skateboards