How To Be Curious

1. Put the phone down. Seriously. You won’t miss something. Maybe you will. Don’t worry. What you’re doing here is much more important. And once you put it down, you will realize what you are curious about.

2. Brew the coffee. Jason Dill says weak diner coffee, because the fancy shoot gets him too spun out. Whatever floats your boat and gets your mind revved.

3. Tell your best friend to shut-up, or to keep talking. You’re thinking. You’re reading. You’re doing. Something. On the verge of greatness, tapping into the ether. Or the person you’re talking to is getting you stoked, so YOU should shut up and pay attention. Whatever’s appropriate.

4. Gather Materials.  A book, a map, headphones or speakers, a guitar, a camera, a paintbrush. A skateboard.

5. Be curious.

Repeat often to be very curious.