Ask Questions

Always ask questions. Never stop.

Questions are the key to growth, to discovery and progression.

How do you freeze action? How do you keep everything sharp in a photo of mountains? How do you tre flip crook a handrail? How do you sellout Madison Square Garden in 10 minutes? How do you calm a scattered mind? How do you live in the present? How do you travel the world for 5 years and not pay rent/sign a lease? How do you love someone more than yourself? How do you be happy?

What excites you, fascinates you?

But most importantly, “What would it be like to travel on a beam of light?”

Don’t just ask questions, ask great ones.

Find people that can help you answer them, and try to help them answer THEIR questions. We’re all just trying to figure this out, so be helpful.

Ask, and then chase the answers.

Have fun.