New Video by Work In Skateboarding!

Very stoked to announce that Work In Skateboarding has posted a video on their site about how to make a skate zine, that I helped film.

I met this ripping skater Charlie DiMascio at Balboa Skatepark in San Francisco one Saturday afternoon in 2013, and he did something really cool for me. He introduced me to his friend Ryan Abrahams who was starting a skate zine titled “Frontside San Francisco”.

Ryan included my images I submitted to him in a a few issues , even having the front and back covers of Summer 2013 and Summer 2014.


So return the favor, I got him featured in this awesome video that aims to show people how to make a skate zine, and how they did it.


Thank you Ryan for agreeing to be a part of it, and thank you Sam at WorkInSkateboarding for the opportunity!