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by Garrett Byrum:


Harrison Gayton is a photographer/videographer currently living in Berkeley, California. Harrison’s passion for photography began at age 13 when he learned basic composition techniques in a middle school journalism class. He tended to stray away from the typical portraits of friends, and shot them skateboarding instead. A love of nature and tranquility also motivated him to shoot landscape photos.
Harrison is a self-directed learner who has pursued his education outside of traditional school since age 15. On this path he has completed multiple college courses, worked as a sales associate and website manager at The Camera Store, and interned with Beneficial Entertainment as a camera operator and editor. He’s currently working at the only Nixon retail store in the country, selling Nixon’s watches and clothes. He enjoys reading publications in the sciences, religion, art, history, business, economics, classical fiction, and independent news sources.
In the Cayman Islands, one of Harrison’s biggest projects was contributing to the Black Pearl Skatepark community, where he shot photos and video, provided web design, and gave a hand wherever else needed. He also is a skateboarder himself, as well as a guitarist and music enthusiast.
Harrison went for a month-long volunteer photography position in Peru with the organization Awamaki. This experience left him with a taste of the wild world that is travel, and is inspired to live for a number of years in South America and Africa, volunteering/working/and shooting photos. You can follow his adventures on his blog.
He is now available for photo/video work in the Bay Area. Send him an email, or give him a call at 510-610-2571.


by Rhian Campbell

by Rhian Campbell: